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Need More Fossils

Avatar for Dave Llorens
Published on 02/22/2008 in
Updated 02/22/2008

I received this message from a satisfied reader:

HIM:  solar power rocks, you know, I mean it’s basically free energy from the sun

HIM: of course, oil is free energy from the ground so maybe it’s no different

ME: HAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHA, yah but the  sun lasts way longer

HIM: yeah but the ground is way closer, if we could just get more plants to die and start the fossilization process we’d be golden

Just Need to Make More Fossil Fuels

Last modified: February 22, 2008

4 thoughts on “Need More Fossils

  1. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    I get the joke. I am an engineer, we are programmed not to laugh.

  2. Avatar for Some guy Some guy says:

    All good points. However, another possibility would be to get the joke.

  3. Avatar for Some guy Some guy says:

    All good points. But, another possibility would be to get the joke.

  4. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Yes, but we need plants and dinosaurs and lots of other organic material. Then we need to kill all the bacteria that decomposes said material before it can fossilize. We also need lots of heat, pressure and time to break the long organic carbon chains down and combine them with hydrogen to make hydrocarbon fuel. We will have to bury it deep in the ground, or figure out how to do the same thing economically in pressure vessels on the surface without using more energy than is being produced.

    Simple really.

    Abundant fossil fuels are a one off phenomenon that will never be replicated. We need to use what is left to manufacture renewable energy systems

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