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North Carolina Solar Energy Calculator Up and Running!

Good news! We’ve completed the first iteration of our solar energy calculator for North Carolina. Over the next few months you’ll see calculators like this for every state in our country on each state page. You’ll notice that each calculator has unique incentives and rebates specific to the state weaved in, all with a nifty break-even analysis, up front cost, and net due after one year. Our calculator also shows you how many panels are required to completely eliminate your power bill as well as the roof area required. Not only that, but there is a financing example as well.

All of this data is tailored to your unique power bill. For now, we invite all of you to click through to North Carolina’s page and test out the calculator yourself. Any requests or feedback would be highly appreciated. Of course, these figures are approximate. To get a much more refined sense of your total investment into your home, we recommend connecting with one of our friendly solar experts in your area who can answer all of your questions and evaluate your home or business.

Last modified: November 11, 2008

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Bob Simon
Bob Simon

It would be great if the next state’s “Solar Energy Calculator” you made up was for Pennsylvania. The problem is that Pennsylvania has both one of the biggest coal-fired Utility polluter/industries & is one of the slowest to move to a significant subsidy program.


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