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One Block off the Grid Launches

Avatar for Dave Llorens
Published on 06/04/2008 in
Updated 06/04/2008

One Block of the Grid is a competition in San Francisco to see which district can get the most San Franciscans to commit to getting solar energy on their homes, and they officially launch today, on the heels of the San Francisco Solar Incentive Program’s passage yesterday.

The winning team will get heavily subsidized (possibly free) solar energy systems by a corporate sponsor, and the other teams still win because by going solar in the same area at the same time, the installer saves money and passes those savings onto the consumer.

It’s a great way to blast through the early adoption phase for solar energy here in San Francisco, which lags behinds it’s neighbors in solar installs, mostly because of its heavy density of renters (Although Tom Price and I are going to change that)

I hope to be performing some of 1BOG’s installations; and I’m excited that knowing from my personal experience, the visibility of interest (below) this provides is going to help these guys overcome the main hurdle to early adoption: skepticism.   Note, it’s called 1BOG, not ibog.

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Last modified: June 4, 2008

3 thoughts on “One Block off the Grid Launches

  1. Avatar for Steve Steve says:

    Its time for all of us to plan for our future and for those we leave our planet to. We cannot think of only the here and now or we may not have a later. Solar power as a supplement or primary source of energy makes damn good sense. This site proves the benefits of owning, paybacks etc. It does not discuss our dependances on foreign oil or pollution or health hazards associated with producing energy. Whether here at home or abroad we need to contribute to saving our environment and take advantage of new sources of power. The time to forget instant gratification is here. Its time to get on board people. For the future. Your kids and their kids.

  2. Avatar for Big John Big John says:

    This is all well and good, but what good does it do to install PV in a home that is not set up for normal efficiencies. I think the first thing home owners should do is get their home set up to run as efficient as possible by getting modern appliances including the Central air(if present) then adding additional insulation to the various areas around the house, IE attic, doors, windows, outlet holes, vents and more. If the city would allow rebates or tax breaks here then the money for PV installations would be more affordable, because the usage would be less and thus the number of PV’s required would be less. I feel that the subsidies are going to the wrong place without preparing the home for the real issues of usage.

  3. Avatar for Reeves Reeves says:

    What an awesome project to be involved in. Now if only we could get Seattle to get on board with something like this.

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