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Our Logo is Cool, so we Put it on a Shirt

We uploaded our logo and sitename to and put it on some clothes. These clothes are at no markup….. So while we aren’t making any money off them, personally I think they’re still pretty damn expensive. But… buy one anyway, and help us achieve critical mass acceptance for solar.

If people see you wearing shirts that say Solar Power Rocks! enough, they just might start to believe it.

Our “store

solar power rocks t-shirt

Last modified: December 30, 2014

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3 thoughts on “Our Logo is Cool, so we Put it on a Shirt

  1. Crystal Evans says:

    Sun Solar Wind – Now that’s Power

  2. Lovedeep says:

    Don’t Stand & Stare,
    But Do & Dare…

  3. Jeff Wells says:

    Love the shirts. Love the power incentives.
    From the Hudson Environmental Awareness Committee

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