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Our New Years Resolution: More Solar Power (and Pop Tarts)

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Published on 01/01/2010 in
Updated 08/30/2019


At, we were going to resolve to lose weight, exercise, and eat more healthily, but considering we spent most of 2009 consuming beer and Pop Tarts snacks and refreshments, we wanted to be a little more realistic.

Instead, for 2010 and beyond, we’re going to resolve to do what we do best: Explain solar rebates, incentives, policy, and technology and to connect you with a local trusted installer for your homes and businesses.

Our reason for this resolution is very simple: We believe that getting people to go solar will help the world lose weight, exercise, and eat more healthily. So, whether you want to go solar for your kid’s future, for energy independence, or because you’re tired of seeing your electric bill eat into your Beer and Pop Tart money retirement savings, Dave, Dan and Solar Fred are going to be here for you in 2010 assuming we don’t have massive heart attacks and croak.

Therefore, now resolves to:

  • Continue to simplify and explain solar technology, rebates, and incentives.
  • Alert you when solar advocates and solar friendly legislators need your support
  • Dazzle and entertain you with solar powered mind control thoughts and perspectives.
  • Answer your solar FAQs and infrequently asked questions, so long as they’re relevant and we’re not watching American Idol, playing Wii Bowling, or writing anonymous love letters to Oprah; Damn you, Steadman .
  • Make fun of coal companies, oil companies, and their PR lobbyist lackeys until they bribe us into telling you that coal emissions, mercury poisoning, and the smell of exhaust fumes will help you lose weight and exercise.
  • Pet puppy dogs, play with kittens, and pick up after their messes unless somebody’s not looking.

Thank you for supporting solar and We wish everyone reading this a prosperous and healthy New Year as long as they post this to Face Book and tell all their friends to go solar in 2010. Kidding! (Not really).

Last modified: August 30, 2019

2 thoughts on “Our New Years Resolution: More Solar Power (and Pop Tarts)

  1. Avatar for Ari Ari says:

    The strike-throughs are great.

  2. Avatar for Dan Dan says:

    Poptarts? Gross. Wonder if Dave is still enthralled by hot pockets.

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