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Psst! Hot tip: Free Solar Conference October 28th in California

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Published on 10/15/2009 in
Updated 10/15/2009

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Psst! Hey, you, solar curious person! Come closer. Closer. That’s it.

Got a hot tip for you if you’re going to be around Anaheim, California (Disney Land!) on Wednesday October 28th.  Here it is:

Solar Power International, the largest solar power show in the world for solar pros is opening the doors to John and Jane Q. Public for one night only. You heard me. One night! There will be free, gratis, n/c info about solar technology and financing from friendly solar people. There’s even going to be a seminar talking about how to get into the solar biz. Click this if you don’t believe me.

What’d I tell you? Nice, huh. Now, say, you don’t live in California or going to Disney Land at the end of October. Bummer. We wish you were here. Still, I have another suggestion that’s almost as good, sort of.

While nothing beats Solar + Disneyland, I know, take a bit of time to join and sign up for their convenient action alerts in your area. Then, when some legislators are on the fence about voting for laws to encourage solar, Vote Solar will send you an action alert email. Click on that link, add a few of your own choice words, and Shazam! All of your legislators know you’re watching how they vote for…or against solar.

Hope to see you in Anaheim at Solar Power International 2009. If not, don’t forget about Vote Solar.


Last modified: October 15, 2009

3 thoughts on “Psst! Hot tip: Free Solar Conference October 28th in California

  1. Avatar for Tor a.k.a. "Solar Fred" Tor a.k.a. "Solar Fred" says:

    Rob, that’s a huge question. Get as much training as possible before you start, so find courses in your area if you haven’t done so already. Start reading all you can about solar. DON’T get into the “Do it yourself” (DIY) build your own solar internet business. These are scams and a waste of money.

    Those are the most important tips from our perspective.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Avatar for Rob Barth Rob Barth says:

    I am in the Philadelphia PA area and am looking into getting started in my own Solar Power business. Are there any tips or what to stay away from you can let me know of? I would love to come out to CA for the meetings but the financing to get there is very hard to come by.
    Thank you in advance of your advice.

  3. Avatar for Dan Hahn Dan Hahn says:

    Thanks for the big heads up Solar Fred!

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