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Read the Leaked Transcript of the UUWS Climate Skeptics Meeting

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Published on 12/11/2009 in
Updated 12/11/2009

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Breaking News. Unidentified green advocates have hacked into the servers of the Union of Unconcerned Wannabe Scientists (UUWS) and leaked the transcript of their last meeting on December 7th.

Attending members of the UUWS “Tea Party-Thinky Tank” were not identified in the transcript beyond their first names and last initials. However, the transcript clearly shows there is a smoking gun of a smoking gun–as well as a conspiracy against science and reason.

Sara P: Hey, everybody! I just shot a Moose!

Dick C: Very funny, Sara. We already have our smoking gun. We’re calling it derisively “climategate.” Put the rifle down.

Sara P: You betcha. I’ll just start skinning her. Who wants the rack?

Bill O: Sara, focus! I’m on your side, but what we want to do right now is nail the coffin on these global warming fear mongering freaks… In a fair and balanced way, of course.

Dick C: Of course. These leaked Cimategate emails are a start. But I’m concerned that the eggheads at the Union of Concerned Scientists will eventually overwhelm the non-Fox media and liberal blogosphere with scientific facts instead of our quasi scientific hooey.

Rush L: My friends! I’d like to interrupt here and say that we do not need science to cloud the minds of the public or indeed, our own minds. Nor do we need to prove anything. All we need to do is to cast doubt, belittle these scientists as “liberal elites,” and yell louder than they can.

Bill O: Exactly! And if they say something we can’t refute or corner us with their “science” we just keep yelling and say, “Oh, please!” act disgusted, and tell the producer to cut off their microphones.

Sara P: And don’t forget Face Book. I’ve got a million of my closest friends who trust me because I’m like them, gosh darn it. We don’t want to hear depressing end-of-the world news, even if it is true. I think if we ignore it, and keep a positive attitude, then everything will be okay.

Rush L: What if…. we’re wrong?

Sara P: Oh, Rush! Even if we’re wrong, heck, our kids and grandkids’ll figure it out. It’s not our problem.

Dick C: So then, we’re all agreed. We’re going to ignore all of the national academies of science, including our own, that have officially determined that global warming is real and a threat. Instead, we’re going to yell, ignore, and keep a positive attitude. Agreed?

All: Agreed.


Now, you know all the above is a joke, but if you’re on this website, there’s a good chance you know that global warming is not a joke. Unlike Sara P’s statement above, there really are things you can personally do about it.

First, you can decrease your energy consumption. There are many ways to do that.

Second, you can consider solar for your home or business by getting a free quote. Not only will you help the planet, but with the tax incentives and local subsidies, you’ll also save money if you live in a solar friendly state. Check out the list to the right for your state.

Third, if you live in an apartment or your home is not right for solar, you can at least support solar energy through sharing websites like these on FaceBook and Twitter and joining organizations like the vote solar initiative.

Thanks for considering solar.

Photo:Flickr/ Mike Licht,

Last modified: December 11, 2009

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