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Solar Powered Movie Theatre

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Published on 10/01/2007 in
Updated 07/24/2018

The thrill I get when I hear the ice-cream man’s crappy music has been waning since childhood. In fact, if I heard it right now, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t budge. I think the calories that don’t get burned off as easy as they did when I was ten would be better spent on a Mirror Pond brew in the fridge.

On the other hand, my passion for movies has grown steadily since childhood, and I think I’ve found the perfect replacement for the ice-cream man. The Groovy Movie Picture House is a roaming solar powered movie theater.

They created the roaming theater because of the difficulty to get indy films shown anywhere. If it’s good enough the GMPH will show your flick to the public

Here’s some tech specs from their website:

” One solar array is made up of 6 x 75w panels, configured to charge a 700 A/h, 24v battery bank. The second solar array consists of 2 x 100w, 24v panels, charging a 200 A/h 24v battery bank. Charging is controlled by a 45A PWM regulator, to prevent over charging and to ensure charging at maximum efficiency. A fully charged battery bank can run the Solar Cinema for at least ten hours. *the Amp/hour rating on batteries is misleading. The useful power which can be drawn from a battery is about half of the A/h rating, without damaging the cells. A battery should never be used below 11 volts, and discharged batteries should be recharged as soon as possible to prolong their life*”

Last modified: July 24, 2018

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