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Solar Powered Poop Doll… … …..

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Published on 03/09/2008 in
Updated 03/09/2008

I’m in a coffee shop with a cold, hopped up on Day Quill. Publishing this is probably, well, ill-advised.

Anyway, I wanted to write something interesting, but I’m all… Tussin’ed up and can’t think straight. I decided to let good ol’ Google do the thinking for me, so I got on Google Images and typed in “Solar Funny.” I was disappointed. I made it to page six and was giving up, but I couldn’t help but click on this beauty:

solar funny in google images Solar Baby Toy

The product’s name is “Solar Baby Toy” and it’s price terms are “FOB” which, after some wikiresearch, I found is an “incoterm,” and it’s payment terms are “T/T” (I found out this means wire transfer).  OK,, I’m all ears… I want to know more about Solar Baby Toy!

“Product characteristics:

solar energy doll the whole body is an activity design sunlight IC to receive, direct convert the sunlight/light as solar energy O not need any outside power supply, environmental protection hygiene the cerebellum Bag again and again nods a smile toward you Very lovely and funny, bring you a relaxed mood really let the person don’t want to put it away
Used as home and Office decoration, presents, and children toy.”

My Cerebellum bag hurts.

Last modified: March 9, 2008

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