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Thank you and an update!

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Published on 12/09/2010 in
Updated 12/09/2010

All the differences in solar incentives are opportunities to create beauty out of chaos!

Over the past 3 years, over a million visitors from all corners of the globe have come to our site to become less confused and more informed about solar power incentives available in their states. Out of that million, thousands have been curious enough to at least get a quote for panels on their own roofs. Hundreds have gone on to the next step to install solar!

I am constantly coming up with better ideas to recognize and reward behavior like that. One of the simplest and most effective ways is simply to say thank you in a public space like this post! So, thank you! Your desire and curiosity to learn more about solar fills our sails with energy on a daily basis. Truly, your questions and willingness to share your experiences further creates an environment of learning and collaboration which is rarely found online.

What started out as a state by state guide to going solar is now becoming more of a regional city effort. You’ll note for example in Pennsylvania, we’re adding suburb pages in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to further drive the point home about how great an investment in solar is with more of a local flavor. More cities are on their way, and it’s been fun to learn about the traditions, local cuisine and people that make those areas such great places to live.

In the pipeline for the coming months (aside from the added suburb solar information and incentive pages) are actual stories from real readers like you who have gone solar. We feel it’s best to learn from those who have a story to tell, and we think we’re pretty damn good at telling stories. We’re excited to share them.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holidays,

– Dan

Last modified: December 9, 2010

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