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We lost

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Published on 12/14/2007 in
Updated 12/14/2007

I’ll keep this short and sweet. The senate voted yesterday 59-40 to remove the renewable energy tax credits from the energy bill. That means, at the end of 2008, barring some new legislation, the sweet 30% tax credit for solar energy (with a cap of $2000 for residential and NO CAP for commercial) will be gone.

Nothing else in the bill hugely mattered for solar. This tax credit will be a deal breaker for mega corporations who would have paid to have all their stores installed with solar power. It is NECESSARY to make it work financially.

From solar nation:

“Republican Senators Voting ‘Nay’ on Cloture Vote for Energy Bill Tax Title
Stevens (AK), Sessions, Shelby (AL), Kyl (AZ), Allard (CO), Martinez (FL)
Chambliss, Isakson (GA), Craig, Crapo (ID), Brownback, Roberts (KS)
Bunning, McConnell (KY), Vitter (LA), Bond (MO), Cochran, Lott (MS)
Burr, Dole (NC), Hagel (NE), Gregg, Sununu (NH), Domenici (NM), Ensign (NV) Voinovich (OH), Coburn, Inhofe (OK), Specter (PA), DeMint, Graham (SC)
Alexander, Corker (TN), Cornyn, Hutchison (TX), Bennett (UT), Warner (VA)
Barrasso, Enzi (WY)

Republican Senators Not Voting on Energy Bill Cloture Vote: McCain (AZ)

Democratic Senators Voting ‘Nay’ on Cloture Vote for Energy Bill Tax Title:  Landrieu (LA)

Last modified: December 14, 2007

One thought on “We lost

  1. Avatar for SolarCoupons SolarCoupons says:

    And people call this a do nothing congress…

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