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Where the hell is the wind power? (win another shirt)

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Published on 06/09/2008 in
Updated 06/09/2008
where is all the wind power?

I was confused as to why this picture evoked a visceral response of fear, and then I guess it’s because it looks like a spider, and I’m afraid of spiders.

Anyway, onto the free shirts!

I have now been up on over 100 rooftops in San Francisco. I have officially laid eyes on ZERO wind installations from any of those roofs. I spoke with the head of the building department in San Francisco today and he said that while the planning department requirements for wind are a burden to comply with, it is still possible, and that they have 4-5 installations in SF so far.

WTF FOUR TO FIVE?!?! BLWHAFYEWG GWEFkjadshg84758475#$%^#@$^#$ ??!?!?!?!??!

So where the hell is all the wind power? The head of the building department said he had no idea why even that tiny group of people would do it, because there is no way wind can ever be cost effective, but then he said, “who knows, I haven’t checked the financials on that in 5 or so years.”

So…. The last 4 customers I have visited have said that they are exploring wind as an option. I believe there was huge recent coverage of wind, almost assuredly because of the T. Boone Pickens wind project, that has sparked this interest.  I need to figure out if wind is viable in order to help these people.  If it’s not, they need to know so they can move forward and start helping the environment.  If it is, then well, I guess we need to start selling it or pointing them in the direction of someone who can.

Seriously, Dave, why have you not gotten to the free shirts yet?

OK OK. So here is one wind installation in San Francisco that i have never seen. My guess is it is not to code, or maybe it is. I want to see more of these. If you are the first to give me the address of this installation so I can go check it out, bang, free shirt. But there are more ways to win shirts in this article if you can stomach more poor grammar. Read on.

(P.S. If you are considering wind power in San Francisco, sign up with your interest, as we will be offering it soon. I’m on it. I’ll also try to sell you solar energy immediately.)

So how else can I win a shirt?

If you can provide me with an installer or a quote or something from someone or some company that will currently, today, now, June of 08, install wind power that is more cost effective than PV (for me to determine, but don’t worry, it will be fair and correct and we’re real generous with the shirts anyway) then you win a shirt. If your info or lead is the first of it’s type and is in any way helpful to me to get more wind power in San Francisco, you get shirtage.

Ready? GO!

Let’s get some damned wind power up if it makes sense.

Last modified: June 9, 2008

One thought on “Where the hell is the wind power? (win another shirt)

  1. Avatar for dan dan says:

    Hey Dave, that’s the Sunset Idea House. Here’s where it is:

    3027 25th Street


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