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Wisconsin Solar Rebates and Incentives Updated! Sort of.

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Published on 09/13/2009 in
Updated 03/01/2014

Wisconsin Solar Power

Wisconsin Solar Power

Updated 9/2009. All that’s in the Wisconsin Solar Rebate and Incentives Page is still good and accurate info, so Solar Fred hasn’t messed with it. Thanks Dave and Dan! You rock for … uhm,  not making Wisconsin change their program before I updated it.

I’ll just add as an example for a 4kW system for solar electric:

  • Cost Before Rebates: $30,000 based on $7.50/watt installed price. (Don’t panic!)
  • Federal / State Tax Credit: $6,750
  • State / Utility Rebate: $7,500
  • Net Cost: $15,750
  • Cumulative Lifetime Savings: $23,092 over 25 years  (Remember they last even longer, so cha-ching.)
  • Investment Return: 5.5%

Your solar electric system may cost more or less expensive depending on your energy usage and other factors.  Bottom Line, whatever your residential usage, if your utility participates in the program, it’s an up to 25% off sale, thanks to the Sate rebate, plus an additional $500 if you go through their site assessment and comply with their recommendations. Not a bad thing to do.

Get a free quote from one of our installers, and they should walk you through all of paperwork. But don’t buy anything until the State approves you and your lovely tree-less/minimally shaded home for the rebate.  That’s the key. But once you do that, get solar, you rock, Wisconsin person. I like your beer an sausages too, but love your solar rebates. Now, if only I could find a Wisconsin girl to love and be able to wear one of those cheese heads.

Solar Fred. 9/2009.

Last modified: March 1, 2014

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