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Need your help

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Published on 05/27/2010 in
Updated 02/17/2017

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Building a strong solar industry, complete with local jobs and new business growth, is a national economic imperative. Congress gets that, and that’s why it passed a Treasury Grant Program as part of the Recovery Act to help make solar and other renewable projects more cost-competitive with heavily subsidized, dirty fossil-based energy sources.

Just launched in July 2009, this Treasury Grant Program is already scheduled to sunset later this year. Can you ask Senators not to pull the plug on support for solar right when we need it most?

One of the most important federal policies supporting renewables today, the Treasury Grant Program awards selected commercial solar project developers an upfront grant totaling 30% of the project cost (an alternative to taking the solar investment tax credit). In less than a year, the Treasury Grant Program has resulted in 400 large solar energy systems that have supported 17,000 construction and manufacturing jobs across the country. That, my friends, is policy success. Now is not the time to call it quits on a program that’s putting Americans back to work.
We are asking Congress for a two-year extension on the program to strengthen our growing renewable industry and create another 65,000 domestic solar jobs. Can you help?
Annie + The Vote Solar Team

The Vote Solar Initiative
300 Brannan Street, Suite 609
San Francisco, CA 94107

Last modified: February 17, 2017

One thought on “Need your help

  1. Avatar for James James says:

    Imagine if the desktop computer industry, in its late 1970’s nascency, insisted on direct or indirect (tax credits) government subsidies to grow and develop products that people would otherwise buy without a financial crutch. Well-intentioned guys like you would’ve jaw-boned Congress to spend public money to spur that industry and thus create efficiencies, jobs, etc. How do you think it would have turned out? Right. We would’ve had the glorious PC explosion but with a needless extra layer of national debt and a lot of washed out, subsidy-driven PC companies. Ask yourself this: Have you ever seen an industry thrive once artificially birthed and nursed on government hand-outs? Subsidies foment poor choices (why bother making my product more efficient if people will buy it anyway?) and inflates prices (study the solar-price bubbles created in Spain by its government’s hand-out program) — all while digging us even deeper into multi-trillion dollar debt. Solar will take off when the solar industry “cracks the code” — when: (1) it sells solar PV panels that produce electricity for 7 cents a KWH, which is why my local power company is paying me when I reverse my meter with my solar array; and (2) it makes a residential solar PV roof-top kit available to me at Home Depot for $1995, and me and Uncle Bob can install it over a weekend. Then it will be a killer app, sell at the 100-million unit level, and alter history, not to mention climate change. Meanwhile, indiscriminately tossing billions at undifferentiated masses of consumers and “politician-photo-opp” solar businesses will only dig us deeper into the hole, if not prolong bad behavior (there are wind turbines being installed in England right now that produce no electricity because people are “farming subsidies” and thus don’t care whether they install them in wind-sufficient areas). I like your site, but please think critically, incisively and analytically here, as the road to hell is paved with the best intentions.

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