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Texas Solar Power Incentives and Rebates – Updated!

Texas Solar Power

Well, this sign from Rudy’s BBQ kind of says it all. There’s been some happenings in Texas– solar rebate wise– and our Mothers were not here to clean up our Texas page of solar power rebates and incentives. So we finally got off our ass took a look at what had changed in 9 months since our last update.

The good news: A lot of utilities are finally stepping up to the plate with their solar rebates. The bad news, rebates have come down and only Austin Energy is offering net metering, a key to solar payback and affordability.

Nevertheless, take a look at our new example of an average 5kW system with the current rebate in Austin, Texas. The example is fairly similar to a system located in many other Texas solar rebate programs in other utilities, but not all. The best way to gauge your price is to get a quote on the ground from one of our trusted Texas solar installers.

Meanwhile, check out this puppy for an average 5Kw DC solar system in the Austin City Limits. Installed costs right now are probably around $7/watt, give or take.

  • Cost Before Rebate: $35,000 ($7/Watt x 5,000 Watts).  But don’t panic! That’s before incentives.
  • Subtract Austin Energy Rebate: -$12,500.
  • Subtract 30% Fed tax credit, calculated after rebate: -$6,750 (30% x $22,500).

NET COST after all incentives: $15,750

Also, you might also get slap happy about:

So good progress in Texas, but the state still needs to enact a State-wide net metering program. That and a PACE/municipal financing program will really help solar get a jump start throughout the Lone Star State. Texas is home to three of the 25 Solar America Cities as well, and some Texan cities are emerging with strong solar incentives like San Antonio and Austin.

Last modified: May 16, 2019

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Why would I want to give incentives for solar power if I was a power company? It’s all about the money. Texas is a oil state. You would think that a state like texas. that gets a much sun a we do would invest in solar power. Thats not how it works, its about making money! not sense.


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