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Published on 10/26/2008
Updated 03/11/2020

Our readership consists of hundreds of thousands of homeowners around the USA, and they’re hungry for articles written by solar industry insiders and experts like yourselves, FOR THEM. Pictures are great. Numbers are great. Charts and graphs are great.

Write about things like:

  • Industry trends, like new technology, solar + storage, etc.
  • Local solar politics in your city or state. Got a new incentive program to tout or a bill that needs suppoprt to get through the legislature? We want you to write about it.
  • Technical constraints of home solar, like electrical service size and how that relates to how big a system you can get.
  • Dispelling myths, like that thin film is going to be a $1/Watt, or that fog totally kills a systems’ usefulness.
  • Anything you could think of that your customers would like to know.

The very most important thing is that your article has to be relevant and interesting to actual people, not just a keyword-stuffed, anchor text-optimized mishmash of jargon and generic writing. We’re not interested in people taking advantage of our site’s Domain Ranking to get a backlink. Use images, use examples, and use charts and graphs if you’ve got ’em.

At the bottom of your article, if we approve and edit it, we can add information about you and your business, like your logo, phone, email, name, website. Something like this:

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Last modified: March 11, 2020

14 thoughts on “Write for Us and Get Free Advertising

  1. Avatar for Karl P Karl P says:

    Good Evening,

    We were wondering if this opportunity is still available. We would like to contribute. If you could please let us know how to proceed we will get all necessary information compiled.

    Many thanks

  2. Avatar for No Grid Solar No Grid Solar says:

    HyJoe Smith, I went through your website and ead several blogs and I feel they touch the realm of my work and expertise. I genuinely appreciate the awareness you are creating with the meaningful content on your website. I would very much like to be a part of it through guest posting for Solar Installation or Off Grid Solar kits blogs to get a do follow backlink for my website. If you’re interested we can set up a phone call this week to discuss starting a collaboration that would bring value to both our audiences.I’m excited to hear back from you!

  3. Avatar for Jeffery Wright Jeffery Wright says:

    Hey Solar Power Rocks!

    Thanks for offering an opportunity for guest blogging in the renewable energy space. I’d love to produce an article about the many benefits of solar LED lights, something over 1,000 words. We also have an infographic to provide (folks love pictures)! If you feel this would rank high for Google’s EAT factors, please let me know and I’d love to get writing about solar LED lighting. I’ve written content in the past for AOL and Mashable. Thank you!

  4. Hey Team SolarPowerRocks,
    I saw on your website that you were open to receiving guest posts and some you would be willing to post on your blog!
    I have written a blog post for “selling your solar power back to the grid” that I think would be great for your blog. It details how people who generate solar power in their homes can sell excess solar power!
    Let me know what you think, it would be awesome if you could post it on your website!

  5. Avatar for Jay Mehta Jay Mehta says:

    Hello Team SolarPowerRocks, I have been a constant reader of your blogs, and guess what, I would like to thank you a lot for having such good content regarding the Solar Energy Solutions. I was planning to pin down an article around Top Solar Sector Innovations that Influenced Solar Sector. Things that would be covered in the article are: List of best innovations in the solar industry, how they have influeneced the solar sector with their benefits.Also I would be writing about how solar sector has not only influenced the residential but Industrial sector as well. I know you must be busy and probably getting a lot of emails a day, but I hope you would reply me with a feedback just in case if you like my idea of the content piece. I am sure, I won’t let you down with the content as I know about your writing style and I believe this topic would generate a lot of interest amongst your readers too! I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

  6. Avatar for Alan Alan says:

    We found your blog from Google and found it extremely awesome. I would like to share the knowledge and information that i have gathered so would be glad to share fresh articles as similar your site, as a guest blogger. I assure you that article i provide will be relevant to your site and your audience will appreciate it. I am pretty flexible in terms of topic and content…Kindly let me know if this is something you find interesting. I”ll be awaiting for your response.

  7. Avatar for Tobias Kumwenda Tobias Kumwenda says:

    Hi, My name is Tobias Kumwenda and I am looking to providing you with Solar Power Advice articles as a guest writer. I absolutely love you website and all the information it provides. I especially love all the articles on Solar power. I look forward to hearing from you. Tobias Kumwenda.

  8. Avatar for Jason Lee Jason Lee says:

    I am interested in writing for you guys. Send me some info on how i get started. Thanks

    1. Avatar for Ben Zientara Ben Zientara says:

      Hi, Jason-

      I tried writing you an email, but it was kicked back as undeliverable.

  9. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    You should have a blog about “Benefits of Solar and Wind Energy to Calgary Homeowners”.

  10. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Hi there, i would be very interested in writing a post for your site.

  11. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    My name is Stephen Fleming. I am a freelance writer. I write about a wide variety of topics ranging from small business issues to home issues,energy, travel, food, restaurants, fashion etc. I have 7 plus years of experience and need a place where I can share my views and knowledge with people around the world. I have gone through with your blog and found it very fruitful. So I would like to share my knowledge with your blog to help people to learn something new. If you allow me then I’ll write a few samples to show you. I hope that you’ll give your attention to my request and will respond to something positive. Thanks and regards Stephen

  12. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m a guest blog writer specializing in writing blog posts relating to content of energy, environment,education,technology,travel. I came across your website and found it interesting with good user base. It also fits my area of writing posts. I have written an article entitled “Solar Energy – The Future Key of Energy Resolution”. Please let me know if you think the topic would be a good fit for your blog, and I’ll get right on it. Also please let me know if links to any related website are allowed inside the post or not. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you! Licia

  13. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Hello, I recently came across your site while doing some research for solar and industrial blogs accepting post from guest authors and I must say that your site has some really insightful posts which piqued my interest. I have been writing up articles in this field for some time now and would love the chance to write on your blog as well. I usually write informative articles and they will not sound like a sales pitch :-) My post would be completely for people who want to learn more about solar and everything related to solar industry. Topics I would like to write on: Solar Energy – A Groundbreaking Technology to Simplify Off the Grid Living Solar Energy – The Road to Power up the Future of Mankind Going Solar? A Few Things to Consider before Taking the Plunge Let me know if this works for you and I’d be happy to send you any further details regarding the article. If you want you can also suggest a topic that would be a better fit for you site. Regards Mayra Baquedano

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