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Solar Power Rocks

Clear info on home solar power rebates, tax credits, and other benefits

Solar Power and Solar Panel Rebates, Tax Credits, and Production Information – State-By-State

Our environment and economy are in rough shape – We think solar power can help both.

While some of the brightest minds have created innovative technologies to help us overcome pollution and our reliance on imported non-renewable resources, we face an enormous challenge – implementation

We noticed a lack in the accuracy and availability of state-specific solar incentives online. Moreover, many solar panel payback calculations provided by various sources were flat out wrong. This left us to reason many of those interested in solar may have given up or were frustrated by the task of seeking out these important facts.

In 2007, we created SolarPowerRocks.com to provide the clear, easy to understand information people need to install solar energy across the country.

We have compiled local solar power subsidies, grants, tax credits, and rebates for solar by state, in a very palatable and solar specific format (we found that many solar seekers were frustrated sifting through dozens of subsidies on the web to find the ones that really matter). We also provide easy to understand payback calculations for homeowners in each state based on their electricity usage. It’s working too! We forward handfuls of people a day to our trusted network of installers and we know some of those people go solar.

We are doing our best to change the perceptions of legislators, decision makers, homeowners, and business-owners alike to get more solar technology on roofs. Our activities include educating our readers about their local subsidies and solar related legislation, as well as connecting them to solar installers in their areas to make their dream of renewable energy a reality.

Specifically, we synthesize solar data, maintain an updated state-by-state solar incentive resource with validated cost-impact analyses, and we champion solar legislation and technology around the world. We also provide a valuable service to home and business owners by forging relationships with installers around the country so they receive multiple perspectives on the advantages of going solar.

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