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Cheap Solar: GREAT Webinar from 1BOG

I’ve written about 1BOG before. Essentially, these guys bargain for the lowest solar price in a particular city by using volume discounting. Sign up in advance with them, and you get that discounted price.

Below is a webinar about their proposal for San Francisco, and boy oh boy is it a discount. If you’ve got 45 minutes, the webinar below is an excellent, clear, and honest, overview presentation of solar and the 1BOG discount being offered in San Fran through quality installer Real Goods Solar, one of the true pioneers of solar in California.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the average installed price for solar today is around $8 to $10 per watt, installed and before California/San Francisco rebates and the 30% Federal Tax credit incentive. The amazing 1BOG price is $6.75/watt plus further cash back if a certain number of people sign up.

When you add it all up for a typical 4000 watt (4 KW) system, that’s a $5,000 savings over another installer’s price! Talk about collective bargaining.

1BOG has programs all over the States right now, so if you’ve got 12-15 grand of home equity left in your house, and you want to save money on your electric bill and the planet, Solar Fred says to sign up with 1BOG when they come to your town.

Solar Energy Basics Webinar from 1BOG and Real Goods Solar from David Llorens on Vimeo.

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