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Solar Info: List of Solar Lease and Solar PPA s

So, we’ve been talking about Solar Leases and Solar PPAs for homes. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the structures of these can vary greatly.

I’ve briefly reviewed the CT Solar Lease and briefly outlined the Solar City Lease and SunRun PPA model.

In a quick (2 hour search) of the web, I’ve found the following seemingly active residential solar lease or PPA providers, but other than the ones just mentioned, I have not done my homework yet to go over each company. So buyer beware, but if you’re interested in going with a solar lease or solar PPA in your area, here are the websites of the residential ones I’ve found so far:

In the Near Future: (As announced in the Philidelphia Enquirer):

Here are mainly Commercial/Business/Government PPA companies:

In terms of what to expect from the residential list above:

  • Solar PPAs and Solar Leases will be different from company to company and State to State.
  • In fact, the same company offering a Solar Lease in California may only offer a Solar PPA in Arizona or visa-versa.
  • Some pay for maintenance or contribute funds to the maintenance, while others don’t.
  • Some companies are the installer, while others offer their leasing or PPA program through pre-qualified installers.
  • Some charge you a leasing fee for 15 years or longer with (or without) an annual increase, while with PPAs, you pay just for the energy you use with a yearly per watt rate increase.
  • Some require a down payment or deposit of as little as $1000–or more. Others cost you nothing upfront.
  • Most require that you have a pretty good credit score in the high 600’s or even 720 in the case of Solar City’s program.
  • All are long term commitments of at least 15 years, with options to buy and/or transfer the agreement to a new owner.
  • Most–if not all of these companies–will be happy to provide a commercial PPA for your school, church, business, or government agency as well.

Know of any more residential solar lease or Solar PPA programs? Please drop a comment below and share.

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5 thoughts on “Solar Info: List of Solar Lease and Solar PPA s

  1. Does any company or financial provide residencial/small commercial loan or PPA lease in Puerto Rico.

    We are a top notch installer company with a strong signed pipeline where many clients are looking for to finance their projects. Electricity here is near 30 cents per KWh.

    Maximo Torres-787.819.1741

  2. John Barnes says:

    Hi Solar Fred,

    For the few projects in the IA stage; CPUC admits that up to 60% of applications are bogus and will never be built

    A Solar Farm Project Co-Development Program is key to planning a successful project resulting in an operational facility. 

    Solar Land Partners offers complete co-developer solutions

    Our Services

    Project Evaluation and Transaction (New!)
    Interconnection Application
    Financial Modeling
    Conditional Use Permit Process
    Legal Framework and Special Purpose Vehicle LLC formation
    Industry Partners
    EPC Partners and Construction Management
    Permitting and Engineering Services to Local Agencies (New!)
    USA Localization & Solar Business Expansion Services (New!)

    More information:

    Call (408) 813-2683 to discuss your project needs!

  3. Hi Solar Fred,

    We are another Solar Lease and Solar PPA company: Brightergy Solar Solutions. We are headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri and offer the lease throughout the state of Missouri in KCPL and Ameren territory, as we also operate out of St. Louis.

    We also currently offer a solar PPA in Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding New England area, and will soon be moving into New York, specifically LIPA territory where the program there will be similar in terms to our Missouri Solar Lease.

    More information can be found specifically at: and – or we can be reached at 816-866-0555 in Kansas City, 314-473-0564 in St. Louis, and 617-564-1105 in Massachusetts.

    Hope this is helpful information! Thanks for putting together a comprehensive list.

  4. Jean-Yves says:

    Hi Solar Fred,
    Here is another Solar Lease company operating in Maryland, Virginia and Washington: Sunlight-To-The Rescue, LLC; For more information please visit us at: or call today at 1-877-569-4579

  5. Richard Small says:

    I think there is another PPA company – both residential and commercial – that you have omitted. It is Nevada Solar Fusion, and can be found at

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