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Solyndra in perspective

Right wingers are quick to point fingers at solar company Solyndra and their owners for waste after the government awarded them a multi-million dollar grant last year. Now, the company is bankrupt, a result of poor decision-making at the firm and a greedy few at the top.

No matter what industry you talk about, there are bound to be some bad apples out there. Hell, psychopathology runs rampant in a sizable portion of fortune 500 companies. Only a matter of time before you see some ill consequences of poor management in the solar industry.

Dave and his crew at 1bog have released another infographic to put the matter in a little better perspective. Yes, the font is a little small, click it to enlarge!

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One thought on “Solyndra in perspective

  1. Michael says:

    Great context, thanks for sharing.

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