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We need better solar champions

Dave pleas for a new national solar dialogue in a well written jaunt this morning. We need Oprah, Sarah Palin, or Jim Cramer to spread the word. Click here to see why.

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5 thoughts on “We need better solar champions

  1. BERGER GLOBAL says:

    4 words. Sexy, sexy, sexy Cheerleaders. Solar Cheerleaders celebrating the average Joe’s decision to buy solar. No more its good for the environment kid running through a grass field bullshit ads. No more design details the average person can’t make sense of. Solar is sexy and it should be sold that way. Or Solar Coupons. People are familiar with coupons. Give away an electric car for getting a free solar estimate. Solar companies should help local schools to show the communities they care about them. Publicity! If the local beer store gets solar cut them a deal to advertise that they use solar. Advertise for gods sake! Your enemies enemy is your friend so hook up with other solar companies to plan bigger and better marketing plans. Solar is super sexy and super cheap. FREE GAS! Come on gas prices are 3 bucks a gallon in Iowa thats a solar payment you save in gas each month if you have an electric car. Electric cars and Solar systems need to be advertised together.

  2. chris says:

    Hey, this is so true. Unfortunately people just imitate what famous people say and do. If they would promote the use of green energy, it would be a big push in the right direction. Thanks for the hint.

  3. Eric says:

    “Buy a flat panel for your roof, after the flat panel for your den”

    Many of them are about the same price.

    It’s just that you need more flat panels on your roof I guess ;)

  4. Dan Hahn says:


    I love your creativity. Perhaps the PV and TV should go the other way around, but it still sounds like a great win-win to me.

    You get PV, we’ll deliver a TV.

    Good thinking,

    – Dan

  5. martin says:

    1. Suggest clothing which looks like a multi-crystalline module as the new style and fashion statement for the world.

    People who support solar should wear a blue stripped shirt – which looks similar PV modules along with maybe cuff-links.

    2. If people can not afford a solar module provide them a picture of a PV module on a stick.

    The sign may be improved and modified to have an PV cells and LED light which illuminates at night.

    3. Many people are purchasing new televisions to watch these folks.

    If you purchase a new TV, get a discount on a new PV system. “If you buy a TV, you get PV.” campaign.

    What do you think?

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