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I don’t think I’ve mentioned, but it’s a solar advocacy group that fights for regulations and laws that are helpful for homeowners to go solar.

One of their initiatives is preserving net metering in California, which is set to expire soon. Net metering is critical for solar being affordable.

  • If the cap is put in place, it means that new solar buyers will not be able to use the grid as an energy bank for all the extra power they produce during the day.
  • That means these new buyers can’t use that extra power at night.
  • In effect, the utility will have just sold YOUR extra solar power to another customer during the day.
  • Capping the number of people who can have net metering will bring the solar industry to a complete halt here.
  • TAKE ACTION: If you live in California and are reading this blog, please go to vote solar and sign an email letter. They’ll get it to the right people.


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